Success Story
Qfinsoft Technology Inc.
Posted in: Trail, Rossland & Area, BC

Established in 1998 for the purpose of developing thermal Design and Optimization tools for electronic applications, Qfinsoft Technology Inc. is now a successful internet-based business with satellite offices all over the world. And their home base is right here in the Kootenays.

With many years of combined consulting experience in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid flow and combustion processes, Qfinsoft has been able to leverage their technical capabilities into developing several commercial products and simulation software packages. While the business itself is over 15 years old, Qfinsoft has been running its head office in Rossland since 2002, when owner Jan Visser realized the area would be a great place to raise a family and position his company. Not only is there a very robust software cluster in the region, but its proximity to the United States makes frequent business trips easy for Visser.

Choosing the “good life” over the rush of a big city, Visser loves not having to beat traffic twice a day to get to and from work. For a smaller, rural community, Rossland has plenty of sophistication and a wide variety of great specialty shops that give you that “big city” feel, without the high prices. In between meetings and deadlines, Visser enjoys the region’s wealth of outdoor activities, slower pace and relaxed lifestyle.

Luckily, Qfinsoft has been blessed with enthusiastic employees who feel the same way about the region’s benefits, and agree that you don’t need to be in a large city to find your niche market, stay competitive and offer the best product in your industry. You just need the right mix of innovation, good products, solid marketing plans and a great team of sales reps in strategic areas—not to mention a high-speed internet connection.

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