Episode 76 – How to sell globally from a small town with Charlotte Ferreux & Marie Racine

So you’ve got an idea for the next big business.

The downside? You don’t have very many potential customers around in your small town.

The dilemma? You love your small town and the small town lifestyle and wouldn’t want to move to a major center.

The question? Can you launch and grow a small business from your small town. If the previous 75 episodes are any indication, the answer is of course you can.

Getting your product or service (especially in the early days) out to a wider global audience can seem like a daunting task. Can a big business launch, grow and stay in small town once they have made it big? Is living in a small market a major disadvantage to making it?

This episode is the first with Community Futures Central Kootenay as the primary supporter. We’re excited to have two awesome previous clients Marie Racine of Handy Hay Nets and Charlotte Ferreux of Thrive Consulting with us for the first episode.


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