Episode 26: Do you have to be a visionary to be a successful entrepreneur? Featuring Kelly Acheson of Adventure Engine

Right brain, left brain, introvert, extrovert. No it’s not an early throw away draft from Dr. Seuss’s writing desk, but rather a question? Which one describes the ideal entrepreneur, and which one describes you?

We’ve all seen the black turtle neck wearing, tell us about just one more thing, enigmatic entrepreneur. We all hear about the kids who started with a paper route, and grew it into a multi-national world dominating company. We’re familiar with the noble grand vision types with their long hair flowing in the wind behind their jet skis… But what about the others? Do you have to be the visionary mission leader to be successful entrepreneur? Or can you come at it from the other side?

For every flashy creative CEO, there are probably ten more nose-to-the-grind-stone, detail oriented team builders getting it done step by step with great success. Doing solid planning and research, understanding your markets customers and the factors at play, and being adaptable and ready for rapid change is perhaps even the more successful route to business success. The truth is that neither is right, or wrong, and that it’s a matter of matching your business style to your strengths as a person, giving it your all, building a strong team, paying attention to detail, and being ready for anything.

Kelly Acheson of Rossland, BC falls into this category. This Gen Xer wasn’t the lemonade stand kid, and had no initial intentions of going down the entrepreneurial route. That’s not to say she wasn’t entrepreneurial. In fact her ability to react to change and flow with serendipity is what lead her to co-founding Adventure Engine, a revolutionary cloud based reservation management system for adventure travel companies.

I sat down with Kelly in Rossland, to talk about her story, how she did it, and what others can learn from her success.


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