Episode 25 – How to turn your job into a business with Wayne Kelly of On Air Publicity

I really want to start my own business; I just don’t know what to do. Have you ever had that thought, or known someone who has? Whether it’s starting a business for the first time, looking to add a new product or service to your existing business or launching into your second, third or fourth business, sometimes the answer of what to do, is sitting right in front of our nose.

If you’re currently working at a job, presumably you have some skill or combination of skills that make you valuable to that employer. Presumably that employer has customers. Finally,the skills you offer to your employer would be valuable to those customers and likely to others. Yes, often the best idea for a new business is to take the existing skills you are putting into your job, repackage them and offer them directly to the customer.

Wayne Kelly has long been a staple in the radio morning show scene. Throughout his career he’s had both great guests, and some truly terrible guests. Many other potential guests never even made it past the email trash folder.

Inspired by a chance meeting with a certain wealthiest woman in the world’s husband and a host of other rock star, celebrity motivational speakers and authors he had his epiphany. While he looked at himself in their presences as merely the radio guy, they looked back at him as someone who can help them reach their target market. That’s something people will pay for.

With the light bulb on, Wayne got to work, and quickly realized it’s not as easy as simply posting an e-book online for sale. A decade in, he has customers worldwide, and has turned the skills from his job into a healthy business.

I sat down with Wayne in his home studio in Montrose, BC to talk about his journey.


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