Episode 64 – How to grow a thriving tech community with Brad Pommen

Technology. It’s everywhere, and in every part of our lives these days. As much as reading and writing it’s becoming a critical part of our education system. As much as natural resources and tourism it’s becoming a critical and growing part of our economy. But can a thriving technology sector and economy really take hold in the wilds of the West Kootenay? If so, how do you get it started and accelerate it forward?

Just like with any sector, a key piece to growing a thriving community is getting people together of like mind and passion to share ideas, thoughts, projects and more. In an industry like technology where the need to actually get together with other humans is perhaps less than most others, actually getting real people together in a physical space together can be a challenge.

Brad Pommen has taken up that challenge. Moving to Nelson several years ago, he was keen to get to know the people and culture in the area, as well as find other tech-geeks like himself. With an aim to find new work and friends, what began as chats over a pint in the local pub, quickly grew into the largest technology club in Canada, and is fast fostering a growth in the community amongst all ages.

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