Episode 65 – How to get major investment to grow your business

Investors. They are the beings out there among us that with the wave of a wand and the signing of a cheque have the magical ability to help turn ideas into companies, and companies into even bigger companies, when everything comes together. One of the biggest most challenging questions in the business world, is “How the heck do I find my perfect investor?” and “When I find them, how do I convince them to write me a big fat cheque? The simple answer is often a lot of hard wok, trying, failing, learning, and trying again until you match the perfect pitch with the perfect investor. That’s not always the case though.

Jim Firstbrook and Dave MacLeod of Thoughtexchange have been running a tech company out of the Kootenays for a number of years now, and have done so successfully. With millions of dollars in revenue and a broad base of clients for their software things look to be going very well. No true entrepreneur is ever happy to settle though, and so Jim and Dave made some critical changes at the company, and went out for investment to keep growing toward their billion dollar company goal. The end result was a $7 million dollar investment at a $50 million dollar valuation and nine out of eleven pitches proving successful. How did they do it, and what’s coming next? We sat down in AZcreative’s Rossland studio to find out how they did it.


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