Episode 66: Part 2 – How to sell your technology company for big bucks

The exit. It’s the dream that every tech entrepreneur dreams of. That magical day where someone decides that idea you’ve come up with, nurtured and grown is worth something to them, and they write a fat cheque to buy it from you. Whether selling the next big thing to Google for billions of dollars or simply selling your shares for a decent profit, the Exit is what we’re all working towards. Few businesses survive however and even less have that big exit. What does it take to get there? Once you get there how do you execute and sell that business?

Brian Fry of Rossland, BC has launched, run and sold several big tech companies throughout his career. In Part one we learned how he transformed from a downhill ski racer to a tech entrepreneur, from selling computers to fellow students in the 80’s to building the largest cloud provider in the nation. In Part two we look at the second half of the picture, selling the businesses he worked hard to help create. I sat down with Brian at his home office in Rossland BC to dig under the surface of his companies sales to learn how he did it.

This episode was graciously supported by Lesley Beatson and the BCIC Venture Acceleration Program

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