Episode 66 – How to stay at the leading edge of technology with Brian Fry

Go faster. Look ahead. Visualize yourself on the podium and get to the finish line as fast as possible.

All of these pieces of advice are perfect for the ski racer standing in the start gate of a gnarly downhill course. They could also be the personal mantra of an entrepreneur seeking to stay at the forefront of technology and dominate a new sector.

Brian Fry played both of those parts at various times in his life. Starting out as a downhill racing Crazy Canuck from Rossland, BC, injuries lead him to seek out a new field. The trend of going faster continued as he shifted into the technology industry. From selling computers to fellow students in the mid 80’s, Brian went on to co-found the largest cloud provider in Canada. In this episode we’ll hear his tale from start gates to Bill Gates, and how a couple of guys launched the biggest cloud network in the country.

This episode was graciously supported by Lesley Beatson and the BCIC Venture Acceleration Program

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