Episode 18 – How to burn your boats and go all in with Bruno Long

A picture can tell a thousand words. If you play your cards right, have the talent, the passion and the energy, they can also pay thousands of dollars. With the proliferation of camera technology these days, almost everyone has a high quality camera sitting right in their pocket. So how do professional photographers today stay ahead of the masses, and maintain their career?

If they are like Bruno Long out of Revelstoke, it’s all about a total commitment to the craft. After years of taking photos here and there when opportunities came up, and working part time jobs in and around the action sports industry, Bruno made the decision to go all in and chase his dream.

With the goal of making money while at the same time hanging out with professional athletes skiing and mountain biking in spectacular places, he made the move, burned the boats and never looked back.

That commitment, along with a genuine passion has led him to his dream. As that dream continues to unfold, I sat down with Bruno in Revelstoke to talk about how he made it happen, and how you others can follow in his footsteps.


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