Episode 17: How to be the best in the areas your competitors are weak. Featuring David Rooney of The Revelstoke Current

The Internet. For many businesses its arrival presented new and unique opportunities to build, grow and expand their traditional businesses. Other businesses saw it as a future competitor and didn’t get on board until new upstarts had surpassed them. Take the newspaper business for example. Since the days of the Gutenberg press, newspapers have dominated as the news delivery medium of choice and as such were the go to advertising spot for centuries.

David Rooney of Revelstoke BC was one of the disruptors to get on board the online news trend of hyper local news. With the mass adoption of online news well underway, the new winners in the news wars were those with the best voice and best content. No longer was success limited to who had access to or owned a printing press. Following a long career in the journalism business In 2009 David launched The Revelstoke Current. The rest, as they say is history.

Utilizing new features expanded multimedia and increased, low cost availability that traditional newspapers simply couldn’t offer paired with a local voice covering local stories, and doing it all with excellence helped David create a new business, and a new voice for Revelstoke.

I sat down with David at his home to talk about his career, his thoughts on journalism, and how he launched The Current to become what it is today.


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