Episode 48 -Demystiftying and mastering web marketing with Bradley Higham of Collabo

So you’ve got a webpage. Great! But does anyone know about it? Is your target market finding you? Are you showing up in the places they are looking for you?
Yes these days with the near infinitely cluttered world of the web your company’s internet marketing abilities are king.

Bradley Higham originally from Kingston Ontario knew from an early age that computers were both something he loved and where he saw the most future opportunity. After a stint at Canada’s largest tech company, RIM in the heart of their heyday as well as a few other corporate giants, he had the longing to break out, to get away from the big corporate world, to travel and to find himself. The goal quickly became one of working for his self and doing it from anywhere.

After a short sting in Vancouver he found his way to an acreage in the Slocan Valley where he continues to help other companies make some big time noise on the web.
I sat down with Bradley in the Kootenay Coop Radio studios to hear his story and learn a few basic tricks to boost your online presence.

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