Episode 49: How to build a flourishing online community with Nelson’s John Paolozzi

Social Media. We all know we need to have an online presence, but many of us struggle to do it well. Just what is that secret to an effective social media presence? How do we lure in our target audience, get them to like us, be our fan, follow us, post and share our content? Whether running a non-profit or a business, how do we effectively use a Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or other community to achieve our goals?

As the original community builder/ manager/ producer of CBC Radio 3, John Paolozzi has a long and successful history as an online community builder. Now living in Nelson and curating many of the most popular Nelson based online communities, I sat down with John in the Kootenay Coop Radio Studios to hear his story, and chat about just how we can all up our social media game and achieve the results we’re seeking.

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