Episode 114 – Tyler Hadikin and Steve Hall of Stacked Films

Stacked Films is the story of a couple of Kootenay kids who grew up loving action adventure sports films. One (Steve Hall) left town to get into filmmaking. The other (Tyler Hadikan) got into the action as a semi-pro snowmobiler and ended up spending more time behind the lense than the handlebars. Fast forward a few years and they came back together in The Castlegar area, combined forces and launched Stacked Films.

Their acceleration since from single hand held camera to 10’s of thousands of dollars in gear, rapidly growing big time clients, stature and experiences can only be described as a dream come true in just year one.

Connect with an old friend, combine forces, launch a new film company and in less than a year have a long list of clients, shooting the very action sports films you loved as a kid, be in high demand for commercials and events and have your sights set on cashing a $10 million dollar cheque in four more years? You Can Do That Here!

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