Episode 116 – Farrell Segall – Makermobile

Curiosity, inquisitiveness, wonder.

A desire to deconstruct, reconstruct, design, create and understand.

All of these are traits closely associated with the true innovators through history. Whether it be inventors, entrepreneurs or world leaders. Or perhaps that 5-year-old that just needs his imagination and an environment to explore to create anything out of nothing.

When it really comes down to it those qualities are everything required to both ask questions, discover problems, and then create solutions. And if you can identify problems, and come up with solutions, well you’re going places kid and you may just be that next great inventor, entrepreneur or world leader.

All of that only happens of course if we’re able to instill and foster those qualities in our kids.

Farrell Segall, now of the West Kootenay and originally from South Africa was inspired as a kid by his father’s tinkering and followed in his footsteps. After his father’s passing at a young age he put those problem solving skills to work, first for himself and his family, later as a career inventor and most recently giving back.

Seeing a world where kids are rarely exposed to tools, making things, and increasingly less demand on their imagination and creativity, his most recent endeavour the Makermobile provides that same inspiration his father did for him to kids and adults all over.

Grow up in South Africa with a love for solving problems, face adversity and put it to work for you, move to another country and start a new career as an inventor and innovation / design consultant and invent a host of everyday useful products many of us know and have interacted with often, and then turn your attention to inspiring the next generation of makers with a cool new lab on wheels? You Can Do That Here!




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