Episode 118 – Aaron Davidson of Cronometer

Eternal life. Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine if we could just eat the right things and do the right activities and keep our self well enough that we could live forever. Would you do it?
I bet most people would at least be interested in giving it a passing try. I mean on some level we’re all trying to eat right, lose a few pounds, put on some muscle, get those washboard abs and killer bi-ceps.
Where most of us fail, knowingly or not, is simply not having the knowledge behind what to eat, what to do, and having the focus and tools to stick with it.
Aaron Davidson of Revelstoke, has long been a bit of a fanatical health nut with that very goal of living forever driving him forward. Back in 2005, putting his computer science masters degree to work he set out building an app as a hobby to track his nutrition and activity to an extremely detailed level. What he didn’t know was that the competition at the time was about to land half a billion in investment.
Fast forward 6 years and Aaron has clearly seen the market opportunity and has been building out his app in a race to catch-up to the industry and surpass it with a better product.
Another 6 years on and he’s got over a million users and a rapidly expanding team all aiming to help us live forever.
Turn your hobby into a business, make yourself and the world a healthier place, while living the dream life in Revelstoke and making a few bucks in the process? You Can Do That Here.




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