Episode 119 – Darrel Fry of Advanced BioCarbon 3D

Plastic. It’s everywhere. Everywhere we want and need it, and everywhere we don’t. From the Pacific Garbage Patch to the nano-plastics that now inhabit our own bodies, the wonder product of the middle 20th century has grown to be a plague on humanity.

The downside? It’s also really handy useful stuff, and if we shut off all plastic production tomorrow, we’d be in a pretty difficult spot.
So how we solve the problem? We’ve been coming it at it through demand management, trying to promote less use, re-use, recycling and the like. As we all know of course trying to plug the pipe at the end never truly works. Moving to a supply management where rather than using less plastic we aim to use better plastic would seem to be a better route.
Plastic that is both more advanced than what we have now, and that was truly biodegradable and non-garbage-patch-building sounds like part of the solution.
Darrel Fry of Rossland, BC and his company Advanced Bio Carbon 3D is trying to do just that. In fact, it’s their second go at it. 10 years ago, the market wasn’t ready. In this episode we dive in and find out how and why he’s looking at going bigger by going smaller, and helping solve man’s most pressing challenges in the process.
Create a better plastic by working with nature, turn it into a better product for the market, and create better environmental and business solutions in the process? You Can Do That Here.

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