Episode 124 – Philip Boyer, CV Trails App.

Trails. They represent connections from one place to another, connections between humans and nature, and very much so a connection to place.


They represent connections between people and fun, excitement, relaxation, whatever your pleasure. They often also represent connections between people, collectively sharing the trail together. Yes to truly get to know an area’s geography and natural self, there is often no better way to do so then to get out on its trails and explore.


Step 1, finding said trail, can often be the most difficult part of any adventure, especially if you are new to an area or visiting on vacation. Some trails, and trail builders don’t want them to be found, others are built and promoted as real tourist draws. Either way, finding the trailhead can often require seeking out that critical local intel. In the Columbia Valley with their gorgeous trail network straddling the Purcell’s and the western slope of the Canadian Rockies, they would love you to come find their trails. Not that long ago though, you either had the locally written seminal trail book, or you were lost.


Several years ago, a dedicated group of volunteers set out to change that in a big way. And then an applied mathematician originally from the Washington DC area with former ties to the CIA came along and built things a step further launching the Columbia Valley Trails app.


Offer your skills to help promote the valley and trails you love, while putting your skills to the test, turning data into a mobile atlas of Trails? You Can Do That Here.


You Can Do That Here! is created and produced by Andrew Zwicker of AZcre8ive, a digital storytelling company


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