Episode 125 – Greg Hoffart, Tree Construction

Home. There are endless metaphors to describe the places we choose to eat, live and sleep. Buying or building a home is typically the biggest expense we’ll ever face in our lives, and living in a healthy, happy home is one of the most critical pieces to our overall health and well being. Knowing all of that, it’s perhaps surprising that it has taken so long for the way we build our homes to even begin to change, and start adopting new design principles and technologies to help us build better.


Sure, if you asked just about any person who was thinking of building or buying a home that they would love to have an efficient home that didn’t cost that much to heat and run, that is healthy, and full of sunlight, and that has a small environmental footprint. In actual practice however, when it comes to actually building or buying that new house, the general rule of thumb still seems to be to default to the cheapest, lowest cost option.


The end result is a housing stock across BC an across the country that is dominated by inefficient homes.


The design philosophies and technologies to make it happen have been around for decades. Greg Hoffart of Revelstoke grew up watching and learning all about it. With a progressive builder as a neighbour he was indoctrinated into the world of high performance homes from an early age.


Over the last several years, he’s now on a personal mission to create a better housing supply, and has launched his own business Tree Construction to make it happen.


Learn from a master builder at a young age, get into the building industry and spend years witnessing less than efficient home building, getting frustrated going out on your own and launching a new company with a goal of changing the face of home design? You Can Do That Here!


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