Episode 129 – Chris McGrath of Tangowork

Information. It’s the currency of our current era. Indeed, they who have the most and best information available to them at the fastest speed, has the most power.

Knowing that, it would naturally seem that the biggest opportunities would lie with those would could best provide information to those who need it, quickly simply and reliably. But how does one even get their little toe into the market of delivering information, with so many enormous players to compete against with massive amounts of capital and talent behind them?

The first trick as always to any successful business is to find a specific problem for specific people that would have value if you could solve it. The more specific and narrow your focus is, the better. Find that niche market you can solve a problem for, establish yourself as the thought leader in that small space, and then be amongst the first to deliver them the solution they need.

Chris McGrath of Nelson, BC has done just that with his latest venture Tangowork, building chat-bots for some major clients.

Get into the online industry in the early days, take a wild ride from building a few corporate websites in the Kootenays to being headhunted by a major bank, spend a few years kiteboarding in St Lucia, and starting a few businesses along the way, before jumping in to dominate the internal chat-bot space? You Can Do That Here!

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