Episode 140 – Nathan Small of VmWare

Put in the time and effort ,work on your delivery and consistency, and find the right team that wants to get to the next level. That is a simple formula to success in both the curling and business world.

Nathan Small, now making his home in Nelson, BC has followed that strategy to success to a professional level in both of those pursuits, all while competing at a high hobby level in the other.

The result so far, has seen him become one of the top support engineers on the planet in his role as a technical director at one of the 5 largest software companies on earth.

Not to mention he’s also an accomplished professional curler with Olympic aspirations.

Bounce around Ontario growing up, fall in love with computers at a young age, get head hunted from a chance golf game with a tech startup CTO and go on to be one of the top support engineers at one of the largest tech companies on earth, while trading in your Ontario life for a Lakeside dream in Nelson, BC? You Can Do That Here!


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