Episode 141 – Don Freschi of Fenix AM

What is the ultimate goal of pretty well all companies? Well of course it’s to make money. Hopefully it’s at least a little bit to do some good in the world, but most of all and most often the end game for any entrepreneur is to sell their company.

Yes, building your idea from scratch into something big and profitable that someone else wants to give you millions of dollars for some day is essentially the driving force behind most startups.

Selling your company is awesome right? Well… Yes and no… and not always.

The biggest downside to selling your company of course, whether you stay on as an employee or not, is that you’re no longer in control of the company. It’s no longer your ideas, thoughts, morals and principles guiding the ship.

Sometimes that’s great, sometimes it sucks. Like seeing the company you built and then sold moved out of town, leaving all of the hard working employees, friends and the work family you built out of work.

Don Freschi faced exactly that scenario, and from the moment the company decided to pick up stakes his clock started counting down on a non-compete to get back in the game.

Sell your company, see it move out of town and layoff your entire workforce, wait out a non-compete and then launch back into the game to start rebuilding something bigger and better? You can do that here!


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