Episode 142 – Melissa Welsh of Pixelcents

Numbers. They are both the language of business and its method for keeping score. Knowing that one could discern that they who have the best knowledge and understanding of the numbers, will most likely also score highest on the bottom line.

There is a particular subset of the entrepreneurial world that struggles more often than others with the numbers: The creative entrepreneur. The people who are so good at their craft that people want to give them money for it, and thus their creativity becomes a business.

They excel at their craft but not always at the numbers side of the business. Making that task even harder for the creative entrepreneur is the often subjective nature of placing value on their work.

Figuring out how to properly and effectively price your work as a creative entrepreneur is critical to your success.

So we know there is a clear market out there with a clear need. What it took was someone who lived through that need to come up with the solution.


Melissa Welsh of Nelson, BC has done just that.
Follow your passion as a photographer, only to realize you can’t afford to live off of your passion, come up with a solution that increases the profitability of your own business and many others by selling them your system? You Can Do That Here!


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