Episode 7 – How to make money and make the world a better place with Mike Kent and Andrea Winckers of Yodel.org

If you asked most people in the world what they’d most want. I bet you’d get a whole lot of people saying something like “World peace,” or ” Make the world a better place.” You’d probably also get a lot of people saying “Make a bunch of money.”

What if you could make both of those things happen simultaneously? What if you could inspire people to get off their behinds and get out living a fulfilling life? What if you could raise money for charity? What if you could do all of that and make a profit?

Enter the social entrepreneur who measures success in more ways than simply profits and losses. Mike Kent and Andrea Winckers of Rossland BC have gotten onboard the movement, and launched yodel.org, a digital platform for doing all of the above.

Oh yeah, and they also yodel in the intro, so that alone is worth checking out.


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