Episode 6 – How to build a winning company culture and brand identity with Lars Chose of Mandala Homes


Confucius once said that “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.

It has also been said many times, by many people that “Home is where the heart is,” and that “Real change, begins at home,”

Suffice it to say, having a solid home in both functional form and spirit, that is both harmonious for its inhabitants as much as it is with its surroundings and the world at large is critical to the healthy development of man and mankind alike.

To that end Lars Chose, along with his wife Rachel Ross have built a business as thriving and unique as their hometown Nelson to physically embody and spread their ideals of a happier healthier world.

Prior to becoming a homebuilder, Lars Chose the founder of Mandala Homes, had a thriving family therapy clinic, a longtime Buddhist practice, and a passion for adventure sports in nature. These three diverse pursuits taught him about the powerful impact that environment has on humans. Those lessons led him to create Mandala Homes, in 2000, now a globally recognized company that designs and crafts homes that are meaningful and healthy for both people and planet.

Now living in one of their own beautiful, and beautifully efficient round homes on the North Shore of Kootenay Lake’s West Arm, they are taking their business global in a big way.

With recognition at home, of being the first energy star rated home in BC, and home sales to back it up, they are spreading outward, with their unique approach to both life and business.

Not just in the business of designing and manufacturing homes here in The Kootenays, Lars and Rachel have a vision to create a global network of people dedicated to creating a thriving world for our children’s children by building beautiful energy efficient homes that are nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

Learn how Lars infused Mandala Homes with it’s unique and attractive brand identity and culture which has lead to it’s great success.


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