Episode 44 – How to harvest old ideas into new opportunity with Nelson’s Keith Page of Green Light Communications

What is it about the large corporate environment that makes it so difficult to turn great ideas into market ready product? What is it about that system that so often waters down creative inspiration into boring middle of the road things?Whatever those factors are, it has become a popular refrain and a rite of passage in many cases for the young creative entrepreneur to pay their dues first at a big corporate giant.

From there they proceed to be both inspired by opportunity, and then crushed by the bureaucracy. After contributing some knowledge to that company they move on to launch their own smaller shops to help fulfill their own ideas and the ideas of others.

Keith Page of Nelson BC followed just such a similar path. A natural entrepreneur with a penchant for seeing better ways of doing existing ideas, he set out to set up his own entity to run ideas and thoughts through, with the plan of converting the best of them into money making businesses.

Launching that new entity began a series of attempted enterprises, some successful others learning experiences. What it really provided for him though was just what the name of the company implies. Green Light was born to say yes to new projects and the result is a growing cluster of online and digital products and services.

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