Episode 43 – How to stop working and start making a living with John Snelgrove and Shelley Ackerman

If you had a choice, would you rather spend 2 hours a day commuting in a car, or walking through a quaint and beautiful small town to your office? Would you rather have the lifestyle amenities you enjoy like biking, skiing, hiking, fishing, taking in arts and culture, eating good food at unique restaurants and enjoying a locally ground brew at the funky coffee shop run by locals? Or would you rather be trapped in the concrete jungle?

Yes you might possibly make more money or have more job opportunities available to you living gin the bigger centers, but are you making a living? Are you making a healthy and fun life you can enjoy?

For creative and energetic entrepreneurs out there, places like Rossland, Nelson and Revelstoke here in the Kootenays are the realization of their dream. Like the name of our show says, if you have an idea, passion and energy, you can do that here, and you can probably work fewer hours, have a smaller mortgage, and be closer to all of the things you love in the process.

I sat down with graphic designed Shelley Ackerman and her husband John Snelgrove, owner of The Alpine Grind in Rossland to learn about what attracts entrepreneurs like them to town, and how we can get better at it.


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