Episode 23 (Part 2) – How to disrupt big industry and fund your startup with Jean-Marc La Flamme

In Part 1 with Jean-Marc, we learned that we’ve got a behind the code “Weblebrity,” of sorts in our midst. From building Yahoo, Expedia, Westjet and more, we learned how he shunned the high paying gigs in Silicon Valley that come with being one of the original and best web producers in the game. Trading that entrepreneurial hot bed, for the outdoor recreation hub of Revelstoke,BC he went out on his own with two new startups aimed at disrupting big industries.

The first, Seedups Canada is disrupting the investing world, allowing everyday people to buy equity shares in growing companies and opening up new capital pools for startups. In a unique piece of serendipity, the first customer to test Seedups in raising capital through the platform was Jean-Marc’s other startup, JumpOn Flyaways.

In part two we learn more about how Jean-Marc is now attempting to disrupt the airline travel industry with a new business model. We then dive deeper and learn more about what inspires, motivates and drives him to do what he does, and pick up some tips on how we can raise our own games. And of course, in a natural progression we end up talking about a future world of android actors, and gigantic snow shovelling Roombas.

Enjoy. Part two picks up where we left off just as Jean-Marc begins to tell us about JumpOn Flyaways.


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