Episode 42 – How to create your own path to success with Joyride Bike Parks

What happens to your career when you love a sport so much that you feel the urge to live in the best place imaginable for that sport? What happens to your career when you spend your time pursuing the ultimate lifestyle, rather than the ultimate career?

In the case of Ethan Meginnes of Rossland and Paddy Kaye of Squamish, those two scenarios, were exactly what brought them together and launched their careers into the magical space of having fun and making money.

Originally in search of a cross country skiing getaway Ethan and his wife immigrated to Canada so they could live in Rossland and mountain bike from their back door. Living wholly within the mountain bike and adventure sports lifestyle on the coast, Paddy Kaye found a love in building the trails he and his buddies loved to ride.

Merging a passion for trail building with a strong business acumen all under a shared love of mountain biking launched Joyride Bike Parks, the world’s pre-eminent mountain bike trail builders, from their home base in Rossland BC.

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