Episode 106 – Kootenay Precision Earthworks

Rob van der Laan grew up in The Netherlands, and in addition to wanting to be a rock star as a kid, he had a love of nature. In the largely wilderness free lands of Nether, that connection to nature grew into a love and practice of a new trade.

Plying his wares as a horticulturist around The Hague was good, but he dreamed of bigger, more rugged wilderness, which ultimately brought him to Nelson, BC and helped launch his business Kootenay Precision Earthworks.

Grow up with a love of nature, pursue that while travelling and working abroad before discovering a gem of a community in a beautiful environment deep in the West Kootenays, emigrate to a new country, learn the rules of the road, find a unique niche where you can pursue your passion for the land and horticulture, purchase a unique piece of equipment and successfully launch a new business? You Can Do That Here!


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