Episode 74 – How to invent and launch a new product with Rob Barden of the Rossland Binding Company

Snakes and Ladders. The business world can often feel like and adult version of the popular game, especially when trying to invent a brand new product. For every two steps forward there are often one or more steps backward to follow. Just when you think you’re on the right path, another emerges. Yes it’s really all just a big game of choose your own adventure really. By setting out a clear end goal, having enough perseverance, a belief that your idea is indeed a winner, and the confidence that you will get it to the end line whatever it takes with perhaps a little bit of luck sprinkled in, you might just luck out and get more ladders than snakes.


Rob Barden is nearing the end of his version of the game with the finish line in site. We last spoke to Rob back in episode 30 in March 2015, just over a year ago. At that time, the former photocopier tycoon from the prairies was just embarking on his journey. The goal: invent a remotely releasable ski binding to keep skiers safer, and get it into the market.


I sat down with Rob at the KAST office in Rossland, to hear how things have gone since, and how he’s almost completed the task of taking an idea to real product, to the market. If this episode teaches us anything however, there may just be a few more snakes and ladders before they get there officially.


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