Episode 112 – Scott Duke of The Welstand Group

The Exit. So much of our attention, time and learning, especially in the podcast world is dedicated to start-ups, big ideas, new concepts, product launches and growth. Those are the sexiest times in a businesses life and of course if you don’t have a great launch, everything else is really pointless. But let’s think about the other end of the spectrum, that day, if/when it comes that you decide to sell your business and move on.

Interestingly enough much of the excitement around the launch of a company, if not overly clear, is built on the potential for what it could be sold for some day. Yes, much of the money to be made from your venture comes in the sale of the company or your stake in it. While there is a vast resource of knowledge and information on how to successfully start, there is much less out here on how to exit.

Seeing a gap in the market, and having experienced successes and failures in selling his own businesses in the past, Scott Duke of Revelstoke set out to fill that information gap, and become a source of information and of course services to help folks transition out of their businesses successfully.

The quick lesson? It’s a lot of hard work, takes time and in the end banks you a whole pile more money at the end of the day. Scott is currently in the middle of an intense mission to up his game, but more importantly to up your game and help you sell you business for a bunch more. Hear what he’s up to and get some valuable tips along the way.

See a clear gap in the market, undergo an intense education and put your past experience, skills and new knowledge to work in an effort to help 100,000 businesses with your services? You Can Do That Here!


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