Episode 111 – Steven Cretney of The Forest

What are those beliefs and values that you hold dear in your life? Those things that draw a line in the sand on and say “Nope I’m not going there because I believe this and that.”

Perhaps you’re an environmentalist or simply hold nature near and dear to your heart. Maybe it’s religion, family, sports, activities or anything really. Now look at your work, be that your job, your business or volunteer efforts. Does your work line up with those values? Is your business helping drive yourself and the world closer to those? If not… why not?

One of the best ways to increase our own personal happiness, relative wealth, performance and overall satisfaction, is matching up the long hour and hard work we put into our businesses with the beliefs and values we hold dear.

Yes, having that strong moral compass provides the why behind the who, what, when and where that we spend our time on, and can be a major accelerator towards the goals we strive to achieve.

Steven Cretney of The Forest Communication and Design has let his own moral compass guide much of his career. From an insight while travelling after high school, to turning down lucrative jobs from customers that don’t match his values, and pursuing jobs he loves in which he can make a real difference, and strive towards that elusive over used term of “Making the world a better place.”

Turn down jobs from big customers, pursue your passion working for companies that match your values, go out on your own and move to the small town you’ve always dreamed of, all while launching your own venture and going out on your own in an effort to improve the world? You can do that here!


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