Episode 57 – How to create amazing, engaging content with Nelson’s Tammy Everts

Content marketing. It has been the buzz world of the marketing industry for the last several years. As a strategy it has been around ever since the first person told a story to promote their product, themselves or anything for that matter. Indeed the ability to tell an engaging story to the right people in the right medium at the right time is truly an art unto itself. Mastering it can be the key to unlocking the doors through any wall separating you from your audience.

Tammy Everts has been in the content marketing world for two decades, long before it became the current it thing to do. She began as an avid reader, reading everything she could and reproducing the message in succinct digestible forms. From producing the must-read book as a child for girls who love horses through to content director for a silicon valley based company from her home in Nelson BC, Tammy is as valuable a resource you’ll find when it comes to producing amazingly engaging

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