Success Story
One Tree Wooden Bow
Posted in: Nakusp, BC

Clark Dennill has specialized in wooden longbows, handcrafted from yew, for over 25 years. Every solid Pacific Yew bow is from a tree that Clark harvested, seasoned and crafted into a bow himself. Clark also creates custom furniture with exquisite designs, exotic local woods and impeccable craftsmanship.

These exceptional products attract customers from all over the world.

“When a craftsman like myself specializes in niche markets, the audience is specialized as well,” says Dennill. “People who are drawn to my bows have a passion for archery and for shooting a fine yew bow. The satisfaction in handcrafting a custom bow personalized for the shooter, and their pleasure in receiving it, is not connected to geography. It’s about going the distance. It’s about always making my work finer and finer. Every bow or piece of furniture I create raises the quality bar for my own standards of what’s achievable.”

One Tree Wooden Bow partners with community forests, and also with the Selkirk College to provide introductory bow making workshops.

Clark and his wife Heather are grateful to be able to work and play in the Kootenays.

“There’s a uniqueness to the West Kootenays that’s difficult to find anywhere else. This unique culture inspires people to cultivate their passions. This truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

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