Success Story
Sparwood Dental Clinic
Posted in: Elk Valley, BC

After graduating from UBC dentistry in 1993, Ray Chow relocated to Sparwood to become an associate for the local dental practice. Ray enjoyed the outdoors and skiing but never intended to stay for more than a few years. It was just an experiment to get out of the city. However, a year later when the principal dentist retired, Ray took over the practice and has been running the business for 18 years and has since expanded from a 5 operatory clinic to an 11 operatory clinic. Ray invests a large amount of time updating his skills and investing in cutting edge technology. The clinic provides complete family and cosmetic dental care, all teeth replacement options including implants, needle-less laser fillings, and fast emergency care. The clinic employs 4 dentists, 4 dental hygienists and 9 certified dental assistants and administrative staff. Each member is an important part of the team that contributes to the success of the clinic. People are attracted to what the area has to offer, and as a result there is a great pool of diversified talent to hire from. Hiring qualified employees had been a problem in the 90s as most trained dental workers lived outside the area. However, in recent years, this no longer a challenge and many of the clinic’s staff live in town or nearby.

The Sparwood Dental Clinic’s main goal is to create a positive patient ‘experience’. Compassionate care is their practice philosophy. In a small community, they are able to get to know their patients better and provide more personalized care.

“I have been practicing and living in Sparwood for 18 years. Sparwood is a great place to raise your family. There are numerous activities and programs geared towards kids and it’s never more than a short drive or walk away. People in this community are friendly, helpful and generous with their time.”

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