Success Story
Triple J Window Cleaning
Posted in: Columbia Valley, BC

Jim Detta started Triple J Window Cleaning in July 1994 in Canal Flats, a vibrant town in the heart of the Columbia Valley. Their story is the classic entrepreneurial story. In 1993, Jim stopped by a friend’s place while his friend was cleaning the windows. Jim noticed right away that the windows were literally spotless and asked his friend what his secret was. His friend, a professional window cleaner from Alberta, said it was a trade secret. Nevertheless, he offered to teach Jim the business as long as he promised not to share the secret. At the time Jim worked at the Canfor Canal Flats sawmill as a lumber grader. He thought about it and realized that there wasn’t a window cleaning business in the Columbia Valley – and he didn’t know anyone who really enjoyed cleaning their windows – so off he went to Alberta to learn the trade secrets.

Today Triple J Widow Cleaning employs five people, offering in/out window cleaning, screen cleaning, and gutter cleaning. The business operates from spring to early winter and has over 2,000 customers throughout the Columbia Valley, Cranbrook and Kimberley.

Jim attributes his 20 years of success in the window cleaning business to his motto “do a good job, be fair, do whatever it takes”. Jim trains his crews properly and he tells them that there is no point in being fast if you aren’t good. Jim, his son Josh and Jim’s fiancé Bernice take great care of their staff and customers because they believe that treating people fairly and respectfully keeps good staff and good customers.

Over the years Jim taught himself the business skills he needs by reading business books and taking business courses at the College of the Rockies. He added gutter cleaning to his services when he invented his own specialized system that is safe for his crew and results in clean and clear gutters. Hard work is another element to the 20 years of success and Jim leads by example. He works full time in the business and has still kept his full-time job at the sawmill.

Triple J Window Cleaning has an outstanding reputation, and you don’t have to go far to it have it confirmed that Triple J is the best window cleaning business in the Columbia Valley.

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