Success Story
Warren Clark Graphic Design
Posted in: Creston Valley – Kootenay Lake, BC

In 1989, after 14 years running a business in Edmonton, good fortune led me and my family to the East Shore. At that time the “electronic cottage” notion was emerging as a possibility. For me it was a leap of faith and the support of my clients. The technology was crude to begin with. Fax made it possible to communicate somewhat instantly and the Greyhound meant I could deliver my work overnight to Calgary or Vancouver. I was determined to do what was necessary to make a viable home for our family in this safe and wonderful place.

I had to perform as well as I did in the city. Distance was a challenge. Even so, I was available to my clients at all times. I dealt with problems right away and never missed a deadline. I worked very hard to make sure the service was never inconvenienced by the remoteness.

As the internet became more reliable, doing my work became easier. Now the seamless interface between my computer and high speed internet service makes it possible to work anywhere in the world in real time and continue to live in this lovely place. What I appreciate most about the East Shore is the community of amazing people who live here by choice and are passionate in doing so. There is a respect for privacy and individuality, but when needed, the community spirit is strongly present.

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