Episode 110 – Chris and Andrea Ryman of Endless Adventure

Adventure. Webster’s defines it as a verb meaning “To engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.”

By that definition, the world of entrepreneurship is nothing more than one big adventure. We start with an idea and a plan and then leap into often unknown waters, attempt to navigate around the obstacles, rocks, and rapids in our path. Often we spill but we get back up and continue onward, and If we manage to make most of the decisions right along the way we’re rewarded with an awesome time and a lucrative exit out of the river of business. The more you think of it, the very nature of tackling a white-water river trip is very much the same as running, growing and selling a business.

Chris and Andrea Ryman, met through their mutual love of the water and adventures in paddling. Eleven years later they’ve bought, grown, and sold a business, and have been instrumental in growing the paddling community along the way. Now, they look forward to the next story in their endless adventure.


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