Episode 109 – Rik Logtenberg

Rik Logtenberg, along with his co-founders launched a game-changing start-up in the events space just over half a decade ago. As the CEO of Time.ly he oversaw a large, rapidly growing team and was in the position of having to constantly make decisions, many of which directly affected the success or failure of his company. Having been a technical guy from the start as a software developer, he had been longing to get back into the coding and development seat and at least temporarily out of the CEO chair.

Combining that desire, with his technical expertise and a co-worker who had a similar idea, they teamed up to create the product they wished they had had while with Time.ly. The end result? A soon to be released full version of a better, cheaper, simpler decision making support software he hopes will change the world for the better.

Launch and run one of the top three event listing/ calendar apps in the world, recognize your passion and step out of the CEO chair, and back into a developers chair, build a better decision making software system and make the world a better place, all while moving back home and being the best dad you can be? You Can Do That Here!


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