Episode 121 – Ryan Arnaud and Petri Raito of The Rossland Beer Company

Community. Websters describes it as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
One of the beautiful things about being connected to and part of a community is that it tends to reward those who put energy and effort into to improving the community. Help out a friend, and they tend to want to help you out when you’re in need. Get in with a bunch of folks that all share similar passions, love similar things and pretty soon helping each other out becomes great fun, and everyone rises together to a better place.
Think of what the perfect customer looks like…. It probably sounds pretty similar I bet? Now think, just what would that perfect customer look like for your product or service? It’s probably someone that wants to help you out and wants to support you, all because you’re part of the same community. Knowing that, the secret to success starts to appear relatively easy at least at a base level and it all comes down to something we’ve all been taught as kids. The golden rule. Help out others and they will be happy to help you out back.
Ryan Arnaud and Petri Raito of The Rossland Beer Company get this in a big way, and it’s been the number one factor to their success…. Along with great tasting beer of course.
They moved to Rossland because they loved the community, its people, beauty, values and shares passionate love of life. This is the kind if place they always wanted to live and so they felt a deep urge to give back and support the community. 3 years after we last talked to then way back in episode 10, as they were first opening, they’ve worked that magic formula to success. If you need any more proof of their strategy’s efficacy. Their recent 400% expansion in capacity should be proof enough.
Move to a new community, start a business you love, give back to your customers and community, and in term feel the love, grow and expand your Brewery in a small market all with an eye to keeping things local? You can do that here!



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