Episode 77 – How to rock social media for you business with Rachel Ross of Mandala Custom Homes and Aerin Guy of SpaceRace Digital

Relationships. Solid, trusting relationships are the foundation of just about everything. From husband and wife, boss and employee to business and customer and everything in between, the fuel that drives each to great heights is their ability to create, grow and nurture a strong relationship.

Even just a couple of decades ago, the number of people you could possibly reach out and build a strong relationship with was pretty limited to who was in your immediate presence or who you reached out to over the phone, or by mail. If you were hoping to run a successful business you needed to be where you those customers were to make those relationships and fuel your growth.

The advent of internet connectivity just about anywhere, anytime put in place the infrastructure to reach out and connect to the world. The rise of Social Media created a reasonable facsimile of being able to “Be in the immediate presence,” albeit virtually, of any customer in the world, and thus allowed more businesses to operate from wherever they choose.

To that extent, social media is absolutely critical for businesses to build strong relationships with their potential customers. Figuring out how to do that though is a major challenge faced by many. It’s certainly not a build it and they will come scenario.

Andrew Zwicker sat down with Aerin Guy of SpaceRace Digital in Rossland BC, and connected with Rachel Ross of Mandala Custom Homes in Nelson to learn how they’ve mastered the art of using social media to build relationships and grow their companies.



About the podcast: The You can do that here! podcast was created and produced by Andrew Zwicker of AZcreative for the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology. The podcast is a weekly series of conversations with some of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs.


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