Episode 108 – Torchlight Brewing

What is it you truly love? What are you currently doing as your main hobby? It’s been said over and over that the best way to succeed in business is by doing something you love, by getting deeply into your passion and turning that into your business.

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is far more than a full-time job. There’s the classic joke about giving up the 9 to 5 40-hour work week so you can chase your dream and put in 100 hours a week. It sounds silly, why would anyone take that deal? Well, it all comes down to the simple principle that if you’re loving what you do, then you never truly work a day in your life. And just like that your 100-hour work week just vanished into spending lots of time on the thing you love.

For Josh Secord and his partners at Torchlight brewing, there was a lightbulb moment of sorts while enjoying a fresh growler of craft beer at a North End Halifax nano-brewery. Chatting with the owners over a little lubrication, the thought to take their new found love of craft beer back home to Nelson, BC with them, and to launch their own craft brewery.

Running out of beer 3 days in was a good sign. Now coming on three years later they are about to embark on their next great adventure with a massive expansion into a brand spanking new brewery.

Have your friend travel across the country by motorbike to visit you on the East Coast, make daily dashes for growler refills at the local craft brewery, get inspired by the beer and business potential, move back home with a new inspiration and business partner and launch a brand new craft brewery, only to undergo a major expansion three years in? You Can Do That Here!


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