Success Story
Bacchus Books & Cafe
Posted in: Golden, BC

Becoming a small business owner in Golden, BC, was a dream come true for Caleb Moss. While attending University of Victoria, he used to frequent a used bookstore and cafe.  “The idea always stuck with me as a perfect union of two businesses” recalls Caleb.

In 2001, he took over an established new- and used-book store in downtown Golden called Food-for-Thought Books. It was a big career change for him – until then he’d worked as a teacher and therapist, but was getting worn down by the stress.

“I felt like my old job was slowly killing me and I needed a change of pace,” Caleb says. “It has always been a dream of mine to run a bookstore.”

The business thrived under his ownership. Within a couple years he’d outgrown his storefront and moved to a larger location. Then in 2006 the store moved again: this time growing into its own heritage building with a café upstairs run by Caleb’s long-time partner Nicole Dusseault.

When Nicole joined the business, they renamed it Bacchus Books and Café. In 2007, it was named Golden’s Business of the Year. “I’m super proud of the role we play in the community, the amazing people we get to meet, work with, and interact with on a day to day basis” Caleb says.

The shop has become a social hub in Golden, popular among locals and visitors alike. It is the people and the community as a whole that stand out as a major advantage to doing business in Golden, according to Caleb.

“It is so easy to become involved and part of something more than just yourself. It seems never to just be about the bottom line and it is meaningful to impact and be impacted by the folks who make this area what it is” says Caleb. “In Golden, you can personalize your customer relationships and create a business that is as much about who you are and how you want to be as it is about providing a service or a product.”

The adventure of being a small business owner continues to drive Caleb Moss’s energy and enthusiasm for his community. “Golden is the perfect place for anyone who wants to experience living in a real, vibrant, self-starter community, where you can carve your own adventure and find magic you never knew you were missing.”

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