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Posted in: Golden, BC

Jana started her business by accident back in 2009 when a customer at her former workplace approached her and said, “I hear you can do websites”. Needless to say, she built her first website for this client, whom she credits for starting her on her path to entrepreneurship.

In the beginning, Jana specialized in creating websites, but very soon learned that along with a website launch there was a huge opportunity in ensuring the website is working for the customer—keeping the content fresh, visitors engaged and ranking on top of Google’s charts. That’s how her passion for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics and online marketing really began. Working with local small businesses, Jana learned that she could fill a gap and help in all things online marketing, not just the website build.

Now, Bullet Point Marketing Inc. not only builds websites but helps customers plan out a powerful online marketing machine to make their website the 24/7 online sales cornerstone that it can be.” I love my line of work because I find it really balanced. It has aspects that are really technical, where I read charts and graphs and dissect mathematical information, but then it’s paired with the creative sides of design, marketing slogans and understanding consumers and social behaviours.”

Jana really enjoys working together with small business owners and together finds it rewarding to share the success of their business. After almost 7 years in business, she is extremely grateful to have formed long-lasting business partnerships and is honoured to still be working with some of these people.

Working from home allows Jana the flexibility to participate in an active lifestyle where she often runs into her clients. “Golden is very engaged and it is very likely I will be alongside my clients while taking part in outdoor activities and events.”  She finds this allows both parties to get to know each other on a more fun personable level which leads to a closer working relationship.

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