5 ways Imagine Kootenay supports small business

Imagine Kootenay is an award winning, joint-marketing initiative supported by 11 partner communities in the Kootenay region. Our website,, is a one-stop resource for people relocating to the region. It highlights employment opportunities, businesses for sale, and the many lifestyle benefits unique to the Kootenays.

Though Imagine Kootenay is mainly geared towards people from outside the region, it is also a great resource for the local business community. Here are some of the ways Imagine Kootenay supports local small businesses:


1. Business opportunity listings

The investment opportunity feed features current listings of businesses and commercial property for sale, commercial space for lease, and joint-investment opportunities. If you want to invest in a new venture or expand your business in a new space, Imagine Kootenay can help you find an opportunity that’s right for you. The site has currently has 265 active listings.

2. Telling local stories

Imagine Kootenay shares local business news and success stories on its website and social media feeds. Through partnerships with communities and like-minded regional marketing organizations, Imagine Kootenay is able to produce and share unique stories from across the Kootenays in the form of blog posts, podcasts and videos.

3. Help selling your business

When you’re ready to sell your business, Imagine Kootenay can help you find a buyer. It’s 100% free for opportunity holders to list a business for sale on the site and all inquiries go directly to the seller. Imagine Kootenay helps market the businesses listed on the website and a community-based contact is available to help provide information about the region to prospective buyers. Last year seven businesses, worth $1.3 million, were purchased as a result of leads through Imagine Kootenay.

4. Local job feed

With the lowest unemployment rate in BC, finding qualified employees in the Kootenays can be a challenge. Imagine Kootenay helps promote employment opportunities in the region through our local job feed, powered by Site users perform more than 1,000 unique job search queries per month.

5. Regional marketing

Imagine Kootenay is helping to raise the profile of the Kootenays outside the region. The web platform and sharable content – including podcasts and success stories – showcases the many work, business, learning and lifestyle opportunities found here. Attracting and retaining workforce and investment is the foundation of our collective success.


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