You Can Do That Here! podcast

We are thrilled to be able to host Andrew Zwicker’s “You Can Do That Here” podcast, a collection of interviews with local entrepreneurs making life and business happen here. In these podcasts you will hear from entrepreneurs of all stripes, some building success locally while others have found their niche in a global market. What they all share is an appreciation for the boundless beauty of the region, and a desire to share their wisdom with others to support a thriving entrepreneurial culture.

No matter where you currently live or hope to land in the Kootenays, the “You Can Do That here” podcast is a perfect place to begin your quest for knowledge about the region and what is has to offer.

A picture can tell a thousand words. If you play your cards right, have the talent, the passion and the energy, they can also pay thousands of dollars. With the proliferation of camera technology these days, almost everyone has a high quality camera sitting right in their pocket. So how do professional photographers today stay ...

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Starting. That one simple action is what separates true entrepreneurs from everyone else. We all have great ideas at times, but it is a rare breed that takes action, takes a risk, trusts in themselves and actually starts in on making that idea a reality. There are many different looks, and reasons for a start. ...

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Life on the edge. This is where the truly innovative businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs play. Out in front of the pack there is no one to follow, rule books are unwritten, and possibilities are endless. At the same time, there is no net, and there is no proof or reassurance that any new idea or ...

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