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We are thrilled to be able to host Andrew Zwicker’s “You Can Do That Here” podcast, a collection of interviews with local entrepreneurs making life and business happen here. In these podcasts you will hear from entrepreneurs of all stripes, some building success locally while others have found their niche in a global market. What they all share is an appreciation for the boundless beauty of the region, and a desire to share their wisdom with others to support a thriving entrepreneurial culture.

No matter where you currently live or hope to land in the Kootenays, the “You Can Do That here” podcast is a perfect place to begin your quest for knowledge about the region and what is has to offer.

San Francisco, Vancouver, Rossland… It sounds more like a fundraising bumper sticker than a natural career path progression. That is…. unless you change the values and goals you’re seeking out. Sure you’ll find a much greater concentration of talent, experience, customers and money in the larger centers, particularly in the tech sector… but, thanks to ...

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Rik Logtenberg, along with his co-founders launched a game-changing start-up in the events space just over half a decade ago. As the CEO of Time.ly he oversaw a large, rapidly growing team and was in the position of having to constantly make decisions, many of which directly affected the success or failure of his company. ...

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What is it you truly love? What are you currently doing as your main hobby? It’s been said over and over that the best way to succeed in business is by doing something you love, by getting deeply into your passion and turning that into your business. Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is far more than ...

Read moreEpisode 108 – Torchlight Brewing

Bad news… We’ve all been there before when something out of our control happens that dramatically changes the courses of our moment, day, year or lives. It can often be devastating and have a lasting impact on our lives. As we’ve all heard from many people in many ways, in life it’s not about what ...

Read moreEpisode 107 – No-See-Um Ventures: How to overcome adversity and turn it into a competitive advantage



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